RS 20091111

RS 20091111
erhode show,” in rembrance ofce veterans day, a tra, il of letters l from vietnam to wakefield. the impact they had four decadesad letter. >> plus, c.c.’s basketball season is about to tip off. we’ll talkl to the head coach about the season. >> and this morning in the t kitchen, this is diabete ts awareness month. enmo diabetes is taking overki and we want you to eat healthy and right. the recipe iss on line rightht now at foxprovidence.com fenor meaomt loaf. >> i like to look up different recipes that are hthealth conscious andco you really can make some really delicious dishes, an we’re going to find out later. >> my eyes need to be opento. >> you know the thing about diabetes, getting back to that particular medicalar problem, i don’t think anybod doesn’t know’t someone that has it. my father wasr diagnosed with it three years ago.rear >> my mother-in-law. type two diabetes isia reall



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