RS 20091110

RS 20091110
today i’m talking to lawrence fishburn from csi, as he gets ready to cross-over into all three csi shows. it’s pretty cool. >> plus, we’ll check out a performance from cirque dreams holidaze. ho >> and in the kitchen, ted’s montan a’s grill joins us in the kitchen. you’ve never had a burger like this. the recipe is on le ine at foxprovidence.com. >> if you like burgers, burger is not the bes tt thing to eat because of the fat content, but these bison burgers are extremely lean and they deaon’td taste that much different than a regular burger. >> you know how you chum c for sharks? they chum for me. >> i feel like this whole placeho is perpetually chumming,, with the scents wafting out.ut >> it’s a wonder we all don’t weigh 300 pounds. good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.”rh i’m vincei’ demencntri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. i’m going to get whoppe



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