RS 20091109

RS 20091109
behind the letters. >> a fun and affordable way to get away this holiday season is to host your own wine tasting.ng >> we’re knocking back wine at 8:00 a.m. in the morning. in the kitchen, perfect thing to go with wine, a sweet treat. >> actually, portland grapes.gr. >> how about carmel covered chocolate oc popcorn balls with h garrison confections. you can get the ingredients on line at foxprovidence.com.m. he’s my best friend. >> and i have some port somewhere butso i’m not telling i didn’t. good morning m everyone, wee,lcome to “the rhode show” i’m w”vince dementri. >> and i’m elizabeth a hopkins. >> i’m shawn temnpesta. good m orning. >> i had a busyy weekend this weekend. >> he and which sick. >> i’m so sorry to hear that you were under the weawether. >> i’m just disgusted. >> i was sick. >> i was sad for you s is what i was. waall this weekend, i was likei man, i hope dementri feel



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