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RS 20091106
yeah, yeah, ? yeah, yeah ? >> this morning on “the rhode show,” another local band hits our stage, it’s senior discount.r and we’ll tell but their upcoming shows. apparently they’ll be cheap. >> and then take a look at this. this giant priceless check from dunkin’ doughnuts will be going to one of our lucky viewers today for “the rhode show”hoho contest. >> don’t drink all of the coffee for the year in a day. you’ll be going nuts. and in the kitchen, we already have a winner, it’s 15 point road, we’rewe making rack of lamb. recipe is on line at foxprovidence.com. love my gig. >> and we have a nic ae bottle of wine fromne kendall jackson. >> we’re talkin>>g about newport restaurant week. >> that’s right, we are. >> where it doesn’t get any better than that.th >> good morning everybody. welcome to rhode roamed it’s’s friday, november 6, 2009. i’m vince dementri,ri glad to be t with you.wi



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