RS 20091105

RS 20091105
>> this morning on “the rhode show,” the coast guard tries out new weaponry an we on the roared with them. >> plus, lace up your dancing shoes with our big band. >> and in thee kitchen, the melody of flavors, as we peak pasta paccheri, with tv maitre d’, joe zito and john granata.a. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s thursday, november 5, n 200be9, i’m very much.i’ i’m — i’m vincece dementri. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. s >> i think these guys exemplify a niche in red sox nation, the yankee fan. >> it’s like a chimp living amongst the rose. >> an oddity. >> absolutely. >> i’m just saying, there’s not a lot of them here but they’re here and they swing from tree to tree. ee >> this is a riddle for earlier by the way. >> we have to idea what you’re talking about. as per usual. >> you have to be a red r sox fan. >> $1,695,876,000 that is how much the yankees have sp



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