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RS 20091104
an internet sensaintion takes an interesting approach to wining and ding. >> and speaking ofki wining and dining , today in the kitchen, we’re cooking with pronto, the restaurant in newport and we’re making piece can encrusted duck. you can get the recipe at foxprovidence. com and i canco eat it in one hour. >> i can only imagine youe get your food right away, pronto. good morning,go welcome to rhode, it’s wednesday, hump day.. november 4, 2009, i’m elizabeth hopkins, vince dementri is off this morning. >> i’m shawn te smpesta. it’s weird, usually he saysay that. you ca n say it too. >> hump day. >> i have to say, vince was hacking up a lot yesterday. >> he wase and you d idn’t see him do it because he did it during commercial breaks. >> i was very happy that he wasn’t here today as a protective mom, i was likeli vince, what are you doing here today. to >> i have i to say, there’s a — t



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