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on rhode show,” talking to your kids about h1n1. we talked to an expert about how you can do it without scaring them. >> and then switching gears, superstar john morrison is here. just hours before smackdown, live from the dump. >> oh my. in the kitchen, we’re making calamariri caprese, with bradford cafe and loungeca. the recipe is on line at foxprovidence.com. vince, you were back there just now. >> not just calamari, but they have several other entrees otbackba there. they have their special coffee back there. >> oh-oh. >> all right. >> watch out.ut >> let me take a significant fi before we start. >> ok. let’s see.se and? >> i could use a biscotti with that. good morning, welcome to “theom rhode show.” it’s tue sday, november 3, 2009. election day for so many people. >> it is election day inctn a number of communities. >> i’m vince dementri. >> good morning. i’m elizabeth hopkins. >>



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