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RS 20091102
johnson & wales because she was having problems william meringue gu and we brought them on the show. >> key lime pie secrets. >> this is a tis busy show today for a monday. m >> it is a busy day. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” monday, november 2, nbe i’m vince dementri. >> i cannot believe tit’s november andnd the second day d nonetheless. i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. what’s did you do this weekend.en >> my daughter is 13 going on 30 and she went out with about a dozen of her friends trick-or-treating. she’s still 13 and i had to stay a block away and duck into a bush and had to take binoculars and that was cool and we wenten into a sports bar expecting the phillies to kick some butt but b the food was good. >> what about you shawn? >> i worked friday night and saturday night i worked at the mix. i didn’t even know i was goingkn to be wor



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