RS 20091029

RS 20091029
show, but we’ve got a really bigea b show for youow today. this morning on “the rhode show,” it’s theirowt’ biggest investigation yet. this morning, e target 12 investigators le by tim white join us with a preview ofev tonight’s fighting fraud investigation. >> and mike also joins us this ismorning to talk about this weekend’s scouting for food drive. iv it may involveit food, but these could you tell us are not looking for — scouts are notoure looking for food. >> our favorite people are here, dunkin’ doughn uts annkd they’re making something vmaery nice, chicken and stuffin’ with lowow fat carmel muffins, and they’rey’ making dessert. >> can you get that through the t drive-through. >> no.. which is why, this is con t fewing g to me. it boggles the mind, i’m going ng to taste somethingom that dunkin’ doughnuts doesn’t even ensell. >> i think what they’re saying it’s that semi homemade



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