RS 20091028

RS 20091028
vacuum after you hear this story. one study shows that doing housework — hey, shawn, i’m not joking — doing housework can help you out in thee bedroom. now your ears perk up, hey, pal? we hit the streets to see if you agree. e.>> plus, are you looking to shed some pounds? well, maybe chewing gum is the way to go. wa a local professor explains the findings. >> if the kitchen, we’re actually taking the kitchen on the road, we’re going 0 to ouro friends, a rhode r island kitchen and bath, and plus in the kitchen, we’ren, makingma pumpkin risotto.tt >> i bet they didn’t just open up a can?? that would be myth method. >> you have to do what you have to do. good morning everybody. e welcome to “the rhodlce show.” albeit it’s going beto rain a rll day. october 28, 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m shawn tempesta.te first off, i have to say hello to the people at p the



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