RS 20091026

RS 20091026
to ta tlk about costume figures. c ur >> plus, the top five finalist in our search for a star have accomplished their firstli task an are ready for your feed book.ee >> and in the kitchen, ginger kidnap encrusted baby lamb b chops with sweet potato and chorizo hash. >> have you had hadu it? >> no. >> then how dine it’s delicious? >> come on. foxprovidence.com isxp where you can get all the information for fo that. >> good morning everybody.ve welcome to “the rhode ” show.”w. it’s monday, october 26. other month has gone by. >> thi s weekend is halloween. >> i know. i k now, right? unbelievable. be i’m vince dementri. >> good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m shawn tempesta. good morning everybody. >> how are you guys? what did you do thi ds weekend. >> i had an awesome weekend, i went to manorville, longvi island, if you don’t know where itre is, it’s a lmost fourlm hours fromrs her



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