RS 20091022

RS 20091022
their cars, everywhere. we’re going to find out what gives. >> then tony award winning avenue two isue att ppac, we’ll talk to the stars ofar that show. >> and in the kitchen, mama mia’s, tv maitre d’ joe cieto and john granata are whipping up a feast. get the recipe on line right nowno at foxprovidence.com. >> you know what i love about those guys?uy they take a great passion in what they do.do >> and they always havee a. — good time. >> you know whatno joe zito said z to me, hee, said the marinara is so good — expletive. good morning everygobody. welcome to “the rhode show,” i’m thursday, october 22, 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawnm tempesta. congratulation s at the yoular phillies. we had a $20$2 wager. do you take extra care bucks? >> wai t. wait. why are youyo making these bets ifif you can’t deliver.u >> i delivered the firster one, and i got



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