RS 20091020

RS 20091020
to help you boost your immune system. >> plus, you may rem pember this girl from last year’s search for the star. but now she is the queen ofhe green and she’s going to tell us about her up coming package.ge >> we’re g oing to make someom of the usuallyal favorite and unhealthy foods.un >> actually, i i think you meantnt to s, healthy foods.oo >> typically unhealthy, but — >> they become healthy. >> they become healthy. >> that’s my point. >>>> you — this should be my bible. >> it’s for snackers, it’s specifically for people who like to sna ck, soto it will be interesting — he’ins making– likes a buncha of foods ods apparently iny the kitchen this morning. >> it’s a shame they don’t have the old tvd back in thehe 1970’s, because then you could get your exercise. you actually had to get up, power the tv, tune it. good morning everybody.bo welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s tuesday, oct



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