RS 20091016

RS 20091016
rhode show,” was it all a big hoax or just a major messup? we’re going to be talking about what happened with the h little boy. >> and then, creepy crawly critter are invading “the rhode”t show” set. s there’ s a cooler in there that says live anim als. freaked me out enough. but etc. hall in honor of the — but it’s all in honor of halloween and the spooky zoo. >> you’re also going to a be inbe the kitchen todayay makingak glazed pork belly and beans. our friends fm the newport group are here. pork bellies is i bacon without the extra stuff.a it’s a healthier bacon, it sounds like it might not be, but it is. >> jonathan cambra isa an sent chef, so any time he’s here, you can’t go wrong. >> it’s true , i you can’t go wrong withth the guys from newport restaurant group and we’ll have the ingredients on line at foxprovidence.com soxp ydeou can c cook it yourself. y good morning everybody w



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