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RS 20091015
thebr is in the house and we’ll tell you where you can see it this weekend. wnd >> very cool and v it’s one of the most infamous murders in history. the new art exhibit continues the story of lizzie borden. we’ll take a look at some of the artwork. >> and in thend kitchen, pumpkin bread with portuguese dark chocolate. chris palios is pahere to make it with us from sophia’s tuscan grille . the recipe is onthci line. if that man iss making, it’s got to be good. >> what were you going to sayy about the lizzie borden exhibit?or >> did she do it? >> i was watching somethin wg gabout it yesterday and i’m like, l real ly? there’s this whole wonderment around the murder. >> it was the murder of tthhe century at the time. >> it’s still as l murder. it’s like they’re celebrating a murder. >> then you know what? stay home. what were you going to say vince? >> i just said, did she do it? >> i don’t



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