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RS 20091014
while fighting for our country is getting some help from a local program. >> plus, the cardi brothers are here with information on o this month’s aids walk. w >> and jennifer cochran is here, when they comes it’som always delicious, today we’re making breakfast at breakfasttime.re bana apple coffee cake to be c exact and theex ingredients are on line right now. i don’t drink coffee, but i am going tog drinkdr coffee specifically for this. t >> you know why you can’tou go wrong with coffee with danish or ni rpastry orry a muffin. >> we’re makingki these in muffin form. >> i’m switching to coladaad to french vanilla. >> big change today. >> today i become a man. >> not with french vanilla you’re not.u’ good morninggo everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s wednesday, october 14, 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m a gairl. >> no. i think it tak



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