RS 20091013

RS 20091013
the i want view down stairs. >> isn’t she cute? >> yeah. >> this morning on “the rhode show,” it’s time for our — stop, she was cute — search for fo a star comeback. we’ll show you some of the contestants that made the cut. >> and is your workout boring? ut a little entertainment while you sweat. we havewe it for you. >> and in the>> kitchen, one of my favorite people is here. bob burke, he can break a champagne bottle with a sabera sword, and you can get the full ingredients on fo foxprovidence.com. >> we have like a whole plethoraho of them by the way. >> is that like the spitting image of — >> that just looked like him or what? >> where do you buy an as cot, that’s all i want to know? >> i’m just happy i have two pumpkins made in one year, i never had a pumpkin made of me ever. even if the forehead is just a tiny bit bigger than it is inin real life. by tha t much. >> did you measu



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