RS 20091012

RS 20091012
we’re live on the hill for all the columbus day festivities. we’re going to be checking in with shawn there throughout the morning. >> and then would pawtucket be by any otherhe name still smell as sweet? some say yes, we’ll tell you about theab contethst to renamena pawtucket. >> and today we welcome lugi’s ‘s to “the rhode show.” we makingg chicken capri. >> do somethingomng for me. what you did y before the show started. >> i did a wiggle.id >> get it all if place. >> and then i do a little smooth and i’m ready to go. >> good toto good. now that we know she’s good to go. it’s monday,’s october 12, columbus day. contrary to what some other people believe. i’m vince dementri. ri >> good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> a lot of people in the newsroom did this weekend? headed down to waterfire. >> i was just going to say that. >> it was huge, it was the flames of hope. the capital was



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