RS 20091009

RS 20091009
tar — spectacular is back at roger williams zoo and we’re they’re live.li ? try and knock me down but i’m still here ? >> we’re going to here from monty are i .ar >> and spiced pumpkin cheddar soup, you capital beatyo this on a cold day. the ingredients are on line at foxprovidence.com.nc >> that sounds heavenly. so the three of us are here this morning. shawn tempesta. doesn’t that look just like him too? >> the first time i heard him so quiet. >> and he’s wea hring an ascot. he’s’s quiet andet he’s wearing anri ascot. definitely not thefi shawnly we know and love. >> goo d morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s friday, october 9, 2009, i’m vince dementri. . >> good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. and i’m shawn tempesta. >> get out. it speaks too. that’s great. that is great. >> hey, guess what? >> what. >> we’ve got a birthday. >> yes. >> it’ s your birthday. >> it’s my



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