RS 20091008

RS 20091008
show,” a real life crime becomes the subject of a new book called “bad blood.” authorau casey sherman is here to talk about his latest book. >> and we’re going to get carving tips from an eroxpert. >> in the kitchen, tv t maitre d’ ma joe cieteo is here with chef john granata and today, we’re making porci risoto. o.it is a battle between the l l thattans and the irish, i don’t know how h to pronounce it. >> which one is winning? >> i’m not going to go there. >> they brought three tiny pumpkins in they’re going to serve with that. >> nice. >> who, john and joe? >> yes, i think they’re going to scoop it into that. we have tiny pumpkins and huge a pumpkins on the side. de >> you need big for my head, let me tell you. >> i’m not saying a i thing. >> today is my nice day. >> you’re staying out ofe in trouble. >> good morning. welcome to “the rhode show” everybody. it’s thursday, october 8, 20



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