RS 20091005

RS 20091005
season’s trends for women of any size.n >> then our search for a star continues. you cam out to our open casting call to show us what you’ve got. now we’re sharin g somewe of theg highlits. >> very nice. in the kitchen, it’s poya, which i believe means chicken ofch thehe andes. is that correc >> y. >> very nice.ni >> it’s high altitude chicken. >> the ingredients areen simple and on line at foxprovidence.com with them all, so go check it out. >> you know, it’s a nice monday. >> it is. it’s not bad for a monday morning. mo it’s not rang, like it was on saturday for you. >> miserable. but i was under a tent, so it was fine.s we were at taste of rhode island. >> we wouldn’t want you to get your hair wet. . good morning everybody. welcome to rhode reached it’s monday, october 5, 2009. i’m vince dementri. >> good morning, i’m elizath i hopkins. >> and i have dry air. >> did you have fun? >> y



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