RS 20091002

RS 20091002
around here, because this morning on “the rhode thshow,” it is day two for our search for a star. we’re live aft twin river today. there’s so many people here. we’re looking for the next co-host of “the rhode show” and we want to see you there. we’ll be there t until 3:00nt p.m. >> plus a special water fire is coming up and if you’re one of the rhode islanders who has not been to water fire, this is ones to see.e. we’ll explainl why. >> >> and a chef kevin libero is here from the newport r nestaurant group is here. and he’san makingki rigatoni. the ingredients are on line nat foxprovidence.com. good morning, welcome to “the rhode show,” it’s friday,y, october 2, 2009. i’m elizabeth hopkins and we have a persona l guest this morning. tony. to >> thanks for having mhae.fo >> i know that last week you wanted to come but your kids started school. >> start the whole dad school thing. >> looki



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