RS 20091001

RS 20091001
show. start your engines, because hersee we go everybody. the doors to our search for a star casting call will open in one h our. we’re live all morning at nylo, so you’d better hurry and getnd down there. >> plus, meet rose theory, a local band that’s going to beha rocking out on our set this morning. >> yesterday the walls weree banging with these guys. and in the kitchen, we’re making in greek salad pizzas. the best part, the crust is already made. get today’s ingredients on line now at foxprovidence.com. >> i’m reall>>y excited about this one. i love pizza and i like this idea, he cameid uphe with this thing, it’s like ag, ready madree pizza crust. >> which is fantastic. you just put the t toppings on and pop it in the oven. the thing i’m going to try to get him to do is at least get a slice. i know it’s going to make a lotot of people mad, but i’m not a big feta c heese persohen. >>



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