RS 20090929

RS 20090929
from new york fashion week and get the inside scoop of season six of project runway. >> and we’re talking about the best beauty because.” allure “magazine announced its favorite products out there right now. >> i know them as angelos, how do you pronounce their name. calissas. >> we’re making buffalo chicken calzone. they may not be greek, but they’re delicious. >> i went back there and complained it wasn’t greek and i was told by the brothers that everything in culture began with the greek. >> they started everything. >> and then i was told because i’m italian and then the italians stole it. >> well, it’s true of sculpture, i don’t know about the rest of it. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show,” it is tuesday, september 29, 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> welcome back, elizabeth. >> thank you. >> i’m shawn tempesta. happy birthday,



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