RS 20090925

RS 20090925
funny men joining us here on the set, producer and rhode island native, danny smithda is here. ?? ? don’t be b afraid for i’m i here ? >> and in the local scene, got another great ban this time from uri, big kingston, 5-30 is going to play for us.s. >> plus,>> we’re all out live this morning, long at the newport n wine and food festival. shawn is there and he’s going to bring us a previewev of some of the events. ve check it out. >> he already talked about chocolate and wine, i’m sold. >> the wayi said that, you would think i had some wine.in >> good mornings welcome to “the rhode shodow,” it’s friday, september 25, i’m vince i’ dementri. >> and i’m elizabeth hopkins. having danny pretty cool. c >> i just met him and he wasan like hey, how you doing, i’m danny smith. >> seth mcfarland,fa who was find the fam ily guy, but danny smith was born in “the rhodeho show” andsh i was looking thro



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