RS 20090924

RS 20090924
— dunkin’ doughnuts center for a sneak preview. we’ll give awe taste of what you’ll see there. >> then, catch a glimpse of the world behind the fashion bible. we’ll give you our reveview. >> and in th>>e kitchen, get yenour bibs out. we arewe making lobster, and lots of it. and we’re going to’r shinow you how to eat it. et. >> i think that’s the first chef who has recognized that he was on tv and waved. that was great. w >> good morning everybody.rn welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s thursday, september 24, 2009. i’m vince dementri. >> good mornin g, i’m elizabeth hopkins. shawn isn’t here this morning,s in because he’s out ate spirit of america. i wasn’t herere yesterday and i have some very sad news to repo. re >> actually, it’s pretty good news. >> do i have all m>>y digits. >> tha t’s the goodews. >> the bad>> news, we didn’t see a single shark. >> that’s the booed news. ed s.>> you



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