RS 20090921

RS 20090921
style, but you know weigh mean ? >> the emmys make a major comeback from the opening number to the night’s big winners, we’re breaking down the numbers. >> we’re talking about our famedme and the big flaw. >> plus, we’ re live in downtownow providence where a preview of oysterfest. shawn tempesta will awbe doing his best not to slice open hisen hand. d.he’ll be slurpingg and chucking all morning long. >> i’m i surprised pleasantly, because i don’t believe he’s a big seafood guy.g >> he isn’t, but we’ll get w him to heat a couple. see what happens.en good morning everybooddy.ni dywelcome to “the rhode show,” it’s monday, september 21, 2009,te i’m vince dementri.m >> good morning, i’m g elizabeth e hopkins. and you werean probably asleep during the emmys. i was certainly asleep during d g the emmys. we’ll talk abo ut it a little bit. i was able to go on line and look at some of the stuff.



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