RS 20090918

RS 20090918
show,” the glitz and glam ofnd the emmy awards. >> and a whole lot of localal talent will be right here open “the rhode show” set. >> plus, we’ll take you out to the city by the sea. we are live where the international boat show is kicking off this weekend and we’re stirringri up some boat oa dreams . >> you have me h daydreaming on a friday. >> looks lksike a perfect dayrf out d there too.thoo >> good morning everyone.ev welcome to “the rhodeom show.” it’s friday, september 18th, i’m vince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i had to just tweet on my blackberry here.bl this is a i jam packed celebrikety day. in a little l bit, you’ll see ourse interv iew withth julieanna ransack, and later, we’ll be doing an interview, you’ll seeu’ next week with l. cool jay and chris o’donnell. >> they’re on the>> new show on ocbs. >> and another special — >> who are you tweeting in. .>> i’m new to



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