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RS 20090917
luckiest job in the world, because she’s in new york for fashion week. >> some of the world’s most talented singers make a stop in providence. cewe’ll take you behind the scenes of “american idol.” >> and in the kitchen, we’re cooking up mini buggers that are good 4. i love life. mini burgersni that are good for you. >> good morning. welcome to “the rhode show” everybody. it is thursday, september 17, 1 2009. 09i’m vincevi dementri, just one more day. >> you’re limp ing toward theow weekend?en >> i am sprinting. >> i have never seen you soou animated. you are bouncing off the wall today. >>>> well, you know, i had ad little — >> what? >> road morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> he had a little bit ofe o the double shot, turbo coffee. >> that’s it. >> i’m shawn tempesta, good morning everybody. >> mr. skwrao: it is chilly out th ere thisou morning. or >> >> it is chillyt out there this mo



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