RS 20090914

RS 20090914
us his no cook pasta sauce recipe. >> i i think it’s g oing to beo really fresh, because we’re not cooking tomatoes. courtney, i don’t knowdo how courtney is going tour deal with that. >> you do n’t have to be italian to know what’s good. good morning everyone.ve it’s monday, m september 14, 2009,, i’m vince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. shawn hass the day off. o courtney caligiuri and i were at the roger williams park, i brought by dog jack, dressk,ed him up in a lobster costume, there were people chasing him around withwi butter. we had a pet a costume and actually, the costumes of the t dogs who won, there’s courtney in the red jacket, this is one of the dogss who won, second place, this guy was third place and there was one set that actually had an entire wedding party. they had their kids dressed updr as a priest, it was a good time. the until one fund ndraiser for the provide



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