RS 20090911

RS 20090911
we’ll tell you what it is all about and i want to be friends with that woman wi tth the sunglasses. and where you can findyo it. >> and in the kitchen, one of our favorites isouvo here, chef bob burk is back. and we are making beef — did i proins that yet? t well — >> and there i s say reason, let’s justle say it involvesve bob’s personalon friend, julia childs. >> he’s a character. ac it is interesting totein see what he has to say. >> i can’t wait to hea r those stories. welcome to the rhode show. w. it’s’s friday, september smb 11, 2009. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. shawn is on assignment today. and i asked hem to bring in theo new york times this morning because — first of– all, there is a front page mention of september 11 which it makeses sense. >> but i’m a bit surprised that it’s not more well played. >> the difference is more well played in the new york post. st >> when was jus



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