RS 20090910

RS 20090910
show”, the place for what’s hot and happening. you’re having fun, eating well and living life on the on “the rhode show”. >> this morning huge idol huge as ellen degeneres dances her way into the idol seat. >>keynote speaker at a business expo in providence. where you can catch him today for free. >> in the kitchen we are making pork chops. the ingredients are on line at foxprovidence.com. >> i refer to them as the ying and yang. >> good morning welcome to the to “therhode show”. >> good morning, everybody. >> some kind of exciting newsng here today. a lot of ladies are dressed up. >> you know who his wife is fsromro e. >> she is anchor on e. they have a showey together on scale. which is the sister station ofio e. >> there’s a rumorre going around that she might be here. a lot of the ladies are hoping she may be here an see what she is wearing. >> you know who has popped unexpectedly. e



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