RS 20090909

RS 20090909
>>> keep it right here because “the rhode show” starts right now. >> live from fox providence, this is “the rhode show” the place for what is hot and happening. you are having fun, eating well and livingng life on “the rhodeth show.” >>> this morning on “the rhode show.” don’t adjust your tv. that is “a christmas carol” you are looking at. we know it is not holiday time yet, it is time for your child to audition in this year’s s play. we will give you the detai yls. >>> a big premiere tonight on fox providence. i can’t wait to see this. it has gotten great reviews. “glee” it is getting i great reviews an d we caught uptq witmuhjk the cast. >>> we are continuing our back yard series. >> wake up out there.p >> we are grillinge lamb >> we are grilling lame b riblets. the ingredientgrs at foxprovidence.com. >>co> welcomeco to “the rhode “rh show.” it is wednesday.itwe a couple thingsco it is



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