RS 20090908

RS 20090908
this morningng. >> “the rhode show” starts right now. >> live from fox providce, this is “the rhode showth” the place for what’s hot and happening, you are eating well and living life on “the rhode show.” >> good morninggo, everybody,ve welcome to “the rhode sho tw.” most students are now back in school and our friends meeting street head back for their th first dayt and we are therear live. >> yep, buses are all lined up there. >> another bus. >> everybody out there. we will get your engines started. the wienere mobile is here. >> ? wiener ?. >> the hottest bus around.us >>> in the kitchen k, blue torteloni and brown butter from the hotel vehicleing. >> better not be on a diet for that one. >> no, sir, i will be eating that one. the ingred ients are online.on >>> welcome to “the rhode show.” i am vince dementri. >> good morning, i am elizabeth hopkins. >> and i am shawn tempesta. good m



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