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RS 20090903
upon us, but apparently so is old time movies. no, we’ve got a great event for you to check out. we’re going to tell but the pawtucket film festival. >> plus, how about this, a world champion acovered i don’t know player who has even performed for the president and he’s from right here in little rhodie. >> and in the kitchen, we’re making rhode island rocks. they are not rocks, they won’t chip your h. we’ll tell you how to make it. >> they look really good. you were showing the bag before, chocolate, peanut, raisins. there’s something about that salty-sweet combo that i absolutely love. good morning, welcome to “the rhode show,” it’s thursday, seber 3, 2009, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> good morning, i’m back. >> i’m shawn tempesta. thank you so much for joing us. >> i feel overdressed. >> i feel — i seriously feel naked right now. i do. i did it once before and it feels too light, like i



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