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RS 20090902
why in the world wouou do that. >> many kids head back to school today, which means it’s time to get some new clothes for the new year. we’re going to show you how to do it, this is the key, while staying on budget. super important. >> you know what else is important. eating every day. it’s good for your health. backyard barb document we’re doing it today, making upside down fried clams, that’s the appetizer, and then we’re making stuffed pork chops. can’t go wrong with this. get the recipe at foxprovidence.com. >> ashley our producer snuck a peek at the pork chops and said they’re looking pretty good. it is wedne, september 2, 2009, welcome to “the rhode show.” i’m elizabeth hopkins, vince is off this morning. >> i’m backfilling in. i guess i made the cut. i’m now the fill-in for th e fill-in. >> first day of school for his son and daughter j. winnick. >> it’s a rolling thing like diffe



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