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RS 20090901
service and tickets to see a show at ppac. it’s our own version of a staycation. >> then it’s name brand versus store brand, which one tastes better and you may be surprised by the result. >> then in the kitchen, it’s a dynamite recipe and east providence fire department, don’t worry, it’s actually food. it’s becoming so pop lark it’s being jarred and sold, the ingredients are on line right now. we’ll tell you about an upcoming cookoff that you can participate in. it will be a fun time in the at this time chen today. >> good morning and welcome to “the rhode show,” it’s tuesday, september 1, 2009. i’m elizabeth hopkins. i can’t believe it’s the first of september already. >> i don’t like this time of year. it always reminds me of going back to school, the cool weather is coming, summer is down. >> this time of year reminds me of a brand new sweater that i just bought. >> actually, it doe



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