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RS 20090825
really was. i had the butterflies. we’ll talk with an expert about how you can help ease theirhe fears. >> an they are we’re checking inck with our summer shapeup participants to see howts they’re doing on our fitness program. f >> i see melissael rechter.. and she knowsan i’ms about to say this. from the kitchen, we are making ice cream, but i don’t care, because we’ll bewe freezing alongal at foxprovidence.com making our iceic cream. >> she i s a ll about moderation. >> i was just going to g say, everythi ng in moderation. don’t dee yourself. yo get a little taste.as >> a little thimble i couldn’t. >> good morning egverybody. welcome to “the rhodlce show,” it’s tuesday, august 25, i’m vince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins.. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. st good morning everybody. >> how is your face? >> it’s coming along. still have a nice layer of makeup. it’s workingng out well. >> i



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