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RS 20090824
how happy and enjoying the food. it’s something different, it’s something they didn’t expect. and they know how fresh and different venezuelan food is. >> do you think they’ll make a pizza one for me. >> sure, we can make it with some ofhe ingredients for the pizza. >> it’s like people in heaven. for “the rhode show,” i’m tv maitre d’ joe zito with this morning’s quick bite. >> many of you will rember the televised dream wedding of trista and ryan sutter, the pair found true love on the show bachelor ette and after five years of marriage, the couple recently gave birth to their second baby girl. the couple lives out their fairy tale in veil, colorado. trista, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i see that you have a guest there, we’ll talk to your guest there in just a moment, but first i wanted to ask you, how has life been now after all the craziness? i mean, for a while there, ev



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