RS 20090820

RS 20090820
palin relocating to rhode island. i seei russia. is there any truth to it? >> we i object dues to you a u local band performing in rhode island. nd meet tony jones and the creaton three.e. >> and a local woman is bringing b her patent recipe to “the rhode show.” it is the rhode islsand round round burger.ro >> round round? >> round rnd. >> you if it has a patent pending. >> you know one thing we didn’t mention about someone being ot nn the show,, david allen greer. >> one of the funniest guys in ys the business. like over 20 plusears, the guy is in living color. >> i saw — you- love chocolate news. >> i love that l show. he’s just ahe funny, funny guy and what’s great about him, he ad-libs, it’s not a guy who is scripted to be funny, it comes naturally off the top of his head. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhodeto show.” we’re kind of all talalking to each other.ch it’s thu



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