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RS 20090819
for or the first time, michael jackson’s docto r at the center of aof major investigation speaks publicly. >> and we’re bringing you style at a price that you’re goingyo to t like. ake local company, trunk show sheik brings us their bobbles to let you know how to take your look to the next level. >> and in the backyard barbecue, we’re grilling up delicious tuupna steak with ait hintt of lime. l today’s recipe iy’s ons line at foxprovidence.com, check itm, out. >> good morning g everybody. welcome to “the rhodee show.” it’s hump day, wednesday, august 1 9, 200 9. i’m vince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. this is our six month, one deay anniversary. >> was it yesterday? >> yesterday was our six months. >> happy anniversary, guys. that’s great.re >> who kept track of that?? >> i was thinking>> february 18th, right, do the math. january 19th, wasn’t it? i >> yo



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