RS 20090818

RS 20090818
behind one of the state’s most popular attractions. >> and a then, take your furry friend on vacation.. we’re going to tell you where er you can travel with your pet when you hit thewh road. >> and in the kitchen, we are making moon dust macrons. they are not macroons. there’s a big difference.ff >> i don’t care what thee difference is, i just want to j eat them. >> and they have goodav filling this them.th >> i>> saw. lemon. >> yes, ma’am. good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s tuesday, august 18, 2009, i’m vince dementri.vi >> good g morning. or i’m elizabeth hopktyins.ur welcome back first olcf all. >> thank you. >> you look very tan. >> yeah. i went to mexico for a few days and you know, my name ends in a i vowel, so i kindin of tan easily. >> right. >> so it went well, but i had a great time and i f orgot howor early 3:00 a.m. waeass morning, when i woke up my eye



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