RS 20090814

RS 20090814
on the rhode show. long. this morning on the rhode show a up and coming pop singer. we introduce a girl whose song really. we will tell you how you can join the team on an away team. >> and jamba. >> i’m ready for skwrupl ba lie afplt. >> me too. >> this girl they came in is lea leah r when she was 3 years old. she made this segway into pop music. at first we were listening to the song. then the interns headsnot real liesing you’re doing it it. >> yes, it will be stuck in your head. an exciting show coming up. i’m excited about the sea>> hi, just us. >> just us. >> it’s an adventure. >> we’re beginning this morning with a famil there is a way to help. >> reporter: andrew is like y other kid his age. >> he’s active and runs and plays. >> reporter: andrew is nota disease where seufts cover his kidneys pushing out healthy tissue and stopping them from doing their >> reporter: this 4-year-ol



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