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RS 20090813
on what to look for and wherejam out. >> i always knew she had a little rocker chick iner also in the kitchen, joe is here and you know there is going to be garlic in the hous’s either my grandmothero joe. [laughter] >> good morning. welcome. it’s thursday august 13, recipe we are going to talk about. apparently, i didn’t realize this but the twof them are cousins. >> no! >> joe and john? >> yes, they are cousins. ask him for the specifics. but aunt gloria, john’s mom, made this one dish that he just couldn’t get enough >> and speaking of which, having the farmers market out there, you know tt i have begun begun — just a few months >> yes! >> did you sample that? >> i did. it was delicious. >> it was so good. they put it on a tostada with melted cheese over top. i think i a recipe! >> the right. >> it’s awesome. well, if it’s easy she likes it. and there is nothing wrong with that. >> t



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