RS 20090812

RS 20090812
rhode show” but it does ha a purpose. we’ll tell you this scary lo reading. >>> then we head outside. today we are making wings and today’s recipe is ono make. kids are home from school. >> i think those kids are jennifer’s. i think she brought her children. >> yes, she did. >> that will be interesting. good morning. this show, you know how much we love coffee. i have a backup for today. the iced version. and i think island. >> i think it’s rhode island. i think he did providee before. >> i don’t know how he does it. it seems like there is one on every corner. reading. i noticed the book, harry potter, you better bring a lot of sun screen with you. you’re going to be out there a long time. >> my husband away. save yourself time. >> your husband is like me, i was the one saying, give me cliff notes. i can’t read much fun. wait until you see this company. it’s local company. it’s it’s a gr



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