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RS 20090811
how to do it. tell you where you find some celebrity homes while you’re there. >> in the kitchen, the guys from fred and steve steak house are here. getting ready for she’s going to be showing us some fall fashions. hard to think. doesn’t seem like every year fall comes around the corner. spring. it’s already july. it’s unreal. people from sampora are here. they’re gonna put me through the whole wringer. we’ll find out how this turns out. >> that’s right. good morning, by the way. >> good morning. >> august t he other thing we’ll be talking about is the hamptons. a while back courtney, our web reporter, ashley our producer, an d i w who have vacation homes in the hamptons. we got to see marth stewart’s house, steven speel berg’s house. i’m just gonna tell you, do you >> actually, we were just driving along and we saw this one house with these really thick walls. there were cameras over t



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