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RS 20090805
abdul takes to her twitter account and announces she is do with “american idol.” >> as vince comes to grips with that, we are hitting the red carpet in rhode island for the big premiere of g.i. joe. we’ll take you there. >> and we’re going to fire up the grill, because we’re cooking with bourbon this morning. bourbon. >> backyard barbecue starts any minute. southern comfort cooking. head to foxprovidence.com right now and get the recipe. very good. >> jack daniels, that means you’re going to tennessee. >> tennessee. >> how do i know that? >> how do you know that. >> if i have to pimp you, forget it. good morning, welcome to “the rhode show” everybody. it is wednesday, august 5, 2009. i’m vince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. i was reading the web today and remember how we were making a joke yesterday that i was giving my review of g.i. joe, well, i read an



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