RS 20090804

RS 20090804
place for what’s hot and happening. you are having fun, eating well, and living life on “the rhode show.” >> this morning on “the rhode show” dispelling myth about depression treatments. i tried the procedure myself. what it entails. >> i am interested in that. fascinating what they did. >>> running 101. today in project fitness, tips to make anyone into a runner. they promised us regardless of age and size. >> i am wondering in that segment. man, i can’t tell you the last time i ran. there was a rottweiler behind me. >>> in the kitchen, grilled swordfish with broccoli rabe. you can get the ingredients on foxprovidence.com and make it tonight. >> i hope you are taping the show. as you can see we are not in our normal digs. we have power issues over we have power issues over there. the last minute we decided to come into our normal news second degreement. >> here is a picture of our set r



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