RS 20090731

RS 20090731
winner of our g.i. joe prize pack. >> deal or no deal. have you ever wanted to be on tv? >> once or twice. >> fair enough. now it’s your chance. casting call this weekend. it’s right here in rhode island.d. >> and we’re in the kitchench with chef nick, youan cook along with us on fox providence this morning, and get ong, there, get the recipe and decide, you know, maybe you don’t wantybu to do it today, maybe the weekend. >> you never know. i love the name chow fung. >> he’s an actor. he’s an a asian actionan actor. >> no way. so he’s going to be throwing knives at you. >> or wret noodles. >> exa ctly. >> good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhweode show.” it’s f’sriday, july 31. you know it’s the end ofs the week and the end of thehe month, all in one day.. >> fantastic. it’s a culmination.mi and i’m shawn tempesta.te i’m excited about deal or n o deal. it shoots in waterford, connec



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