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RS 20090728
truly inspirational story. this manan loses 200 pounds after what he makes what h he thought was a sole promise to his o father. th >> and this mornin ag in the kitchen, our friendstc from nylo are back. chef ray is here today. and chef, whenever i comeme intoo nylo, he makes me cry. today he bri ngs usy meat balls.al got the ingredients atng foxprovidence.com. >> i miss sunday macaroni dinnedar in new york. so now we’re going to get meat me balls. >> i went into the kit ken just to heat u hp my coffee and ray said you’re going to love what we have h today. have you ever had pork filled meat balls. i said noid and he said i’ll make one just for you.or >> he’s a man after my heart. >> good morning eveinrybody. welcome to “the rhode show” it’s tuesday, july 29, i’m vince dementri. >> and i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> i’m shawn tempesta. pe i wanted to mention this right off the top, because i



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